Conflict Resolved.

viaconflict, through its Principal, Ryan O’Connell, provides strategy, coaching, and facilitation services to individuals and organizations currently addressing conflict. We understand conflict and the most effective approaches for managing and resolving disputes.

Conflicts are common, natural, and inevitable. Conflict often proves to be a useful catalyst for constructively addressing breakdowns in communication, latent cultural differences leading to misunderstandings, and actual or perceived incompatibilities in aspirations. Conflicts emerging between individuals and groups often appear intractable but, when properly addressed, are actually opportunities to creatively address and resolve differences.

When addressing conflict, having a consultant, coach, facilitator, or trainer can have a positive and beneficial effect. The insight and experience a conflict management professional brings to difficult situations can significantly improve the effectiveness of addressing and resolving the conflict and can help avoid the situation escalating in a costly and negative manner.

viaconflict utilizes a process-centric approach that is effective in a variety of contexts, ranging from interpersonal to public conflicts. Our approach allows us to assist you with a variety of disputes, transversing a range of substantive issues. The conflict management services we offer include:

    • Negotiation Strategy Consulting
    • Conflict Management Coaching
    • Facilitation
    • Training

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viaconflict offers free consultation to individuals and organizations to assess the ways we can assist in implementing a customized approach for your situation. Please contact us for more information.